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Mindful and Body is a trauma-informed holistic community care practise focused on making mental health embodied and accessible.

Mindfulness is at the heart of our offerings, and we offer one-on-one counselling, group listening sessions and workshops for all ages, including individuals and teams. As a practise, our mission is to expand the ways we think about mental health by integrating somatics, art and nature.

You can find our playful community-centric offerings from nature walks, stitching circles and art workshops on our Instagram. Making mental health proactive and inclusive is important to us. 


Our research focus for 2023-2024 is on neurodivergent communities and expanding their access to mental health care. We are also currently offering art psychotherapy under supervision to mental health professionals facing burnout. Write to us for more information. 


Click here to see our upcoming workshops including our written self paced e-courses. Read what clients have been saying about us. Or find us on Substack and check out our resources. Our past collaborators and partners have included

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