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What you've said about our workshops, e-courses and listening sessions

"I never thought expressing something so simple would make me feel so much lighter. You are amazing, thank you so so so much for this course and funny how I shed tears of happiness every time I get to writing in the journal."

PM, Ladakh

"I loved the fact that you said we had no agenda for the session. That people shared so openly and so honestly. That we held our space and gave each other space. That you made all this happen. I don't know when the next session is but I do know I'm keeping an eye out for it."

MV, Pune

“So well put together, easy to understand and just incorporate into your life at a level which you can kind of control. The whole course really got me thinking and it was really quality. You should write a book on this!”

AW, Boston

"I have an hour in the morning when everyone is still asleep and I have time to myself. I usually spend it on my phone, or pottering about. Having your course was probably the best way I used that hour, it felt like a gift. Really looking forward to this next one!"

DV, Goa

"I really should have done this course earlier, you've done an amazing job designing it, thank you for that!"

TI, Pune

"Thank you so much for this workshop! I didn’t realise how much I needed it till you actually started with the intro. Please please do a gazillion more of these. Would love to learn more about journaling, just thank you! From the bottom of my heart."

JK, Mumbai

"Big Thank you! Received so much in so little time. It was such an insightful and thought provoking session. I've done a lot of virtual sessions and I wasn't expecting a lot from this because the name was a little confusing. Honestly loved the exercises and visualisation. Super looking forward to more such sessions."

RG, Ahmedabad

"I feel weirdly lighter this morning after I started the practice. Like less stressed and anxious too. Thanks for doing this. Appreciate you."

VN, San Francisco

"The session was really good ♥️! I have been feeling light and smiling more since I woke up in the morning. While contemplating music and life, I felt this wave of positive energy engulfing me and I could hear the silence again. Thank you so much just for listening."

PB, Pune

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