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We launched our third e-course!

Our relationships with food determine so much about our lives: our energy levels and wellbeing, our schedules, our self acceptance and our interactions with others. Food can bring us joy, nourish us, delight our tastebuds and connect our communities. So why is our relationship to it so stressful?

Mindful Eating is a four module, self paced e-course that connects eating and mindfulness to welcome new perspectives to all our many relationships with food, feelings and the body.

We’ll begin this course by asking how do I eat, followed by what do I eat and why do I eat, and end with creating our own personal handbook for mindful eating. Some exercises are experiential, many are journalling-based. Some modules are shorter, and some longer, but the course is designed to be very completeable.

Not a fitness regime, nor a diet, or advice about how to lose weight quicker. More awareness, less rumination. Mindful Eating will encourage you to observe and think independently about food and what exactly it means for you, so you can reestablish a kinder, more pleasurable and more sustainable relationship with one of life’s essential needs.

We're in today's Mid-Day talking about what gratitude has done for us!

Thanks Dalreen Ramos! Click above to read why everybody can benefit from a gratitude practise.

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We're Zooming and collaborating!


In May, we hosted a Journalling for Self Discovery workshop and a Self Compassion workshop with Kyo Spaces in May as part of their first online wellness festival Eat. Pray. Move. 

In June, we hosted An Introduction to Gratitude Journalling with The Alipore Post, adding extra poetry and doodles in there. Every attendee received a selection of poems on gratitude created by founder Rohini Kejriwal.

Check out this adorable comic of small wins she created back when she attended the workshop.

We're donating all the proceeds from our most popular email course 10 Ways To Think About Gratitude to Covid-19-related relief efforts.

So far we've donated to Sangama, Hasiru Dala, Feeding India and Dharavi Art Room. You can also donate directly via this excellent resource.

Thank you again to lovely Sonaksha for the poster.

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Dysco spotlighted our work on World Mental Health Day — we chatted with Aditi Rao and Khrisha Shah about mental health in the workplace, the need for empathetic leadership and making holistic care preventative and proactive by creating accessible resources. Read more here.

Our e-courses were also featured in Mid-day. Thanks P Vatsalya!

We launched our first e-course!


So you've been told to keep a gratitude journal? But you have no idea what that entails.


Our most popular e-course is now on demand. Log in anytime to access this self paced, five day, gratitude workshop that's been described as "life changing" and "light making".

10 Ways to Think About Gratitude will teach you how gratitude can be used as a form of self care.

The outcome for this course is to introduce new perspectives so gratitude can become part of your daily routine. That’s when gratitude can become a tool to not just transform a wealth of emotions: anxiety, boredom, anger, entitlement, resentment, insecurity and feelings of isolation but to really enrich your life, and improve your overall wellbeing, health and happiness. Gratitude won’t make all your problems disappear but it will help you navigate them with more ease, helping you become less stressed, more connected to people and more joyful in the process. 

We're on a podcast! Listen to Mindful and Body founder Sheena discuss self care - what it is and what it isn’t limited to - with hosts Avanti Malhotra and Zain Calcuttawala of the wonderful Marbles Lost and Found.

This episode wraps up season two but we’ve loved many episodes in both seasons (here are some that really resonated: caregiving, grief, grief 2, toxic masculinity and mental health)

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